The world is urbanizing - more than 50% of the world's population lives in cities and urban areas. In Israel, the urban population reaches over 90%. A significant outcome of urbanization is the positioning of cities as the main arena of human activity, a complex, dynamic spaces, in which the future of society is constantly shaped. Urban areas are where the challenges of the 21st century are both manifested and met: climate change, economic and physical insecurity, weakening trust in public institutions, growing social inequality, etc.

In the 21st century, municipalities have an ever-growing obligation to take firm and effective action to promote and improve the quality of life and environment for their residents and visitors. Cities are no longer evaluated by the rate at which they collect waste or clean the sidewalks; in a global world, cities are a source and a focal point for economic growth, opportunities and social shifts.

This vision of municipal empowerment is the driving force behind Forum 15's initiatives and programs, aimed at promoting urban sustainability and climate protection.