Intelligent Planning of Public Spaces

One of the major consequences of the climate crisis is the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon, which is expected to increase in the following years - especially in the hot Israeli weather. In order to deal with these changes, we must curb greenhouse gas emission and air pollution in big cities, as well as use plan measures that would make the city shaded, cool, green and sustainable, thus creating an urban space that significantly improves the quality of life within it. Such planning encourages residents to venture out of their homes into the streets and parks, to meet one another and to maintain leisure and financial activities within city bounds. A maintaining urban space brings pride to its residents and evokes a sense of community, while attracting visitors.

While planning or renewing the urban space, we must be attentive to such aspects as utilizing the wind and the sun, as well as to shading, planting trees, wisely choosing materials, maintaining urban nature, creating community parks and gardens, preserving high quality open spaces and efficiently managing water and surface runoff.