Cities are living laboratories and an optimal arena for the testing of innovative and groundbreaking ideas, concepts and technologies, which may have a dramatic effect on city life.

Forum 15 is actively involved in numerous projects in the field of urban innovation, such as: organizing periodic events on the subject of “smart cities - technology in service of the city”; forming a database of tech companies specializing in smart cities; writing manuals on transparency of information and making them available to the public and municipalities.

In the city of Pontedera, Spain all city-center streets are designed for walkability, vehicles remain outside. 

An example from Amsterdam: Converting existing port infrastructure – levers, containers, storage to new use. Photo by Maya Crabtree, Forum 15  

The whale building – an example from Amsterdam of urban renewal on a land that was once used for port infrastructure. High density on the one hand, with a large  variety of housing styles on the other hand. Photo by Maya Crabtree, Forum 15